Issue Zero

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Issue Zero

Inside our super soaraway first issue...

* 30 years on, Andrew Moir considers the devastating legacy of Press Gang’s final episode.
* Iain Hepburn charts the unlikely history of America's scariest drama - and how it brought about world piece.
* Scottish pop’s best kept secret Alison Eales on her debut solo album, jackdaws, the Glasgow Subway, and how she’d spend armageddon.
* With the MLS going global thanks to Apple, Messi and the World Cup, Alan Boon reveals the bloody origins for control of US Soccer.
* Duncan McKay saw Bob Dylan and the Pope in short order. One turned out to be a more profound live experience that the other…
* Want to know what this summer’s hottest listen will be? Wonder no more, with our Celebrity Podcast Generator.

Plus: Dreadful new action films, feel good reality TV and anxious millennial cowboys and lots (well, some) more...